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Fashionable inside

December 10, 2011 1 comment


Fashion is love.

At least, that’s what I think. Even if we don’t admit it, fashion can be  easily considered a passion, a hobby or a drug. We look in the mirror probably at least 10 times a day. If not, even more. Why is so important our aspect nowadays? Are we doing it for ourselves or just because we are obsessed with what the others think?

Did it ever happened to you not going out  because you don’t like the way you hair looks? Or because you’re just having a “bad day”? To me, it happened. Many times. More than I even remember. And every time on the next day I feel miserable because I denied so many ways of having fun with my friends just because I was being stupid. And this is definitely not a way of living.

Sometimes I just need a no make-up-no high-heels-day. I feel like I want to escape from this routine of taking care of my perfect curls.

I wish I could go out with my friends clubbing in my favourite party place without losing precious hours in front of the mirror JUST THINKING at my outfit. Those hours are gone, not coming back!

And this is how time flies and we don’t know.


We’re afraid to admit the world we live in is cruel. So we pretend life is pink, but what happens when we receive that cold shower of reality? We have to face the pain, the fear, the fake people. Imagine a world where we don’t have to pretend we’re somebody else, where we could be us like in a familiar environment. Not only outside, but inside too. Many people told me I’m different after they got the chance to meet me. Different? How can you pretend knowing me if you just see what I let you to see?

Being sarcastic always works, so we could use our humour to transform a bad day in an extraordinary one! We forget the important people from our lives and our priorities just because we’re too afraid of what others think. I say, let people talk about your life! That’s all they could do because they don’t have one. In the end, bad gossip is good PR.

So be fabulous! Treat yourself as the most important but don’t forget, the one who loves you for real will always be next to you. Even if you have chicken pox or an eyebrow missing.