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4 AM

It seems so hard to understand what the others want from us. It’s understandable, sometimes I don’t even know what I want from myself.

Why it’s so hard to get along with other people’s needs and choices? We can communicate in so many ways and still, most of the times, we choose to remain silent.

We look for the perfect one to hold our hand and share our moments of joy and sadness. Even if we’re doing great by ourselves, it feels so good when you have someone next to you. Love is the answer for most of our problems and I totally agree.

Generally talking, or maybe from my point of view. I just felt the need of writing about how people waste time fighting and arguing on stupid things without realizing that time flies and hours, minutes, seconds of our lives pass by. Time won’t come back and it’s sad because we don’t appreciate how lucky we are. Lucky for the life we’re living, for our friends and family, for the daily routine we’re having. This has nothing to do with depression people, I’m just trying to understand what’s the point? Life is beautiful and nothing can change that. We are free and we can. We can always find a solution for our problems and in the end, we can live like there’s no tomorrow. I’m not saying to ignore all the sad aspects of life and pretend we’re happy, but still we could try to appreciate the fact that WE ARE ALIVE. We are young and we possess the greatest power ever: love.

This is the time when we give the best of us and wait for the same in return.

Whatever God prepares for our destiny – we have to believe. And we have to be prepared for everything.

Yes, if things don’t go as planned we could go on a different path but we never know where that path might take us or who might be watching..

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