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Decisions, decisions

Hmm. I choose SUCCESS.

When we talk about the people around us, we feel no discomfort at all. But when we talk about ourselves, why is it so hard to decide what is good and bad for us? In a world where everybody cares about their own, I try to help the others first and leave me at the end. The last but not the least, someone smart said.

Hard decisions of life come when you least expect them. The key of the problem could be right in front of you, but few of us has the power of seeing it. It’s invisible and hard to detect, but somehow it exists. So we think it’s better to ask our friends and family what is the right thing to do. NOT! Never do that. Friends, well. They could be divided in two groups, and the two groups could be divided in another two groups and we could go like this until the last friend, which is not really a friend, by the way. On the other side, known as top important in life, family has the most important influence on us. But that doesn’t mean they should take the most important decisions of our life for us. My grandma always used to say: “You reap what you sow”. So I think it’s better to choose for your future, even if you have a feeling that it’s not the right thing to do. If it will turn to be bad, it’s not everything lost. You always learn something from your mistakes. If everything will be okay, better. I love the feeling when I scream from the bottom of my heart:

“I told you I was right”!

Pretending this life is not that miserable, sometimes I just need a moment for myself. Good decisions in life could mark your future in the rainbow colours and everybody will live happily ever after. But this is not a typical romance movie and we all know there is no happy ending. At least, not for now. Bad decisions instead could change your perspective of life and your self esteem, and we don’t want this for us. I always say the most important person in my life is myself. If I don’t take care of myself, who will? If I don’t show people around me that I respect myself, first of all,  how will they ever know that I know what respect means? Self respect is most important, and if you don’t have it.. well you can say bye-bye to your future Hollywood lifestyle! It’s not gonna happen.

Our life is like a candle in the wind. You never know for sure what’s going to happen next, but you smile. Maybe the wind will go away. If not, you have something in your pocket. That could be a lighter or the idea that will change your life..

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